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Ronan Anthony Villency: Son of Kimberly Guilfoyle

Ronan Anthony Villency is widely known for being the son of Kimberly Guilfoyle. This article will cover everything you need to know about the young man.


Ronan Anthony Villency was born on October 4 2006 to Guilfoyle and her ex-husband, Eric Villency. Details about his childhood are not available to the public.


Details about his education are unknown to the public.


Physical Appearance

Ronan Anthony Villency is a very handsome young man. He takes after the complexion of his beautiful mother. As at his 17th birthday, he was already as tall as his mother.

His Mother, Kimberly Guilfoyle

Outspoken commentary and a prominent figure in American media and politics, Kimberly Guilford is a name you might know as Kimberly Guilford. Her journey began outside the television lights – with a degree in law and a varied career.

Born in San Francisco in 1970, Guilfoyle’s early life is marked by her mother’s death at age 10. This instilled a work ethic that helped her attend college at the University of Calif.

After receiving her J.D., Guilfoyle practiced law as a prosecuting lawyer in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Her time in court sharpened her public speaking and legal skills that would later serve her well in her media career.

In 2004, a shift occurred as Guilfoyle transitioned from the courtroom to the commentary box. She started out as a legal analyst on networks like MSNBC and Court TV. That move marked the beginning of an association with television news that would make her a national sensation.

In 2006, Guilfoyle joined Fox News Channel. She had her own legal program, The Lineup, and was a regular contributor to other shows, giving legal advice and having political discussions.

Natural on camera with a quick wit and fiery delivery, Guilfoyle co-hosted the 2011 roundtable discussion show, The Five. The show’s format, featuring contrasting viewpoints, perfectly suited Guilfoyle’s outspoken personality, and she quickly became a fan favorite.

Guilfoyle’s career extended beyond news analysis. She became a senior advisor in Donald Trump’s 2020 planning Committee and chaired the Republican Victory Finance Committee.

She quit Fox News in 2018 but has remained conservative – campaigning for GOP candidates and attending rallies for ex-President Trump.

It is hard to figure out precisely how much Kimberly Guilfoyle is worth, but estimations range from USD five million to USD 20 million. This wealth is based on her television, legal and public appearance careers.

Guilfoyles personal life also has drawn national attention. She previously married California governor Gavin Newsome, with whom she had the title of a former First Lady in San Francisco. She now is engaged to Donald Trump Junior.

The journey of Kimberly Guilfoyle is proof of her ambition and adaptability. She’s carved a niche in American media – from the courtroom to the comment box. A vocal advocate for her political views, Guilfoyle remains a prominent figure, sure to continue sparking conversation and shaping political discourse.