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Myla Grace Hill’s Net Worth, Family, Career and Early Life

Myla Grace Hill is a celebrated daughter who has made her name known and broke all odds, creating a career for herself without following her father’s steps. Myla is the eldest in the family of two children and has played a significant role in her sister’s childhood.

Myla’s father, Grant Hill, is known for his unstoppable aura in the NBA, but despite that, Myle chose a different career and started training as a professional Jiu-Jitsu. Since Myla debuted in the professional playing of the sport in 2021, she has shown great dedication and determination, which has led her to go undefeated in the first two matches.

Who is Myla Grace Hill?

Myla Grace Hill is a professional Jiu-Jitsu player. Myle came into the limelight as former NBA star Grant Hill’s daughter, but she has continued to spread her name in far places through her love for playing Jiu-Jitsu.

Myla Grace started the play on a high note, winning the first two matches since she debuted in 2021. Myle has learned well from her father, and it is not a secret that she is so good at martial arts.


Unlike her father, Myla Grace chose a different path in martial arts. Myla began competing officially in amateur mixed arts in 2021 and began her career on a high note, winning the first two competitions.

Following the consecutive prior wins, Hill went back to the drawing board to strategize for more future wins. Moreover, the lady is doing pretty well and is ranked top among other fighters in the same group.

According to a trusted sports blog, Mayla Hill is ranked 28 out of 1006 active professional female fighters in the US. Moreover, she is ranked 47 among Florida’s 129 active female fighters, indicating a bright career ahead of her.

Myla Grace Hill’s Net Worth

Myla is an upcoming martial arts fighter and clearly has a bright future ahead of her. Unfortunately, it is unclear how much the Jiu-Jitsu professional fighter earns from her matches.

She may have earned thousands of dollars from her effort because she has already won two consecutive fights in her debut matches.

While Myla still grows her career, there is much to say about her father’s net worth. Grant Hill is among the highest-paid NBA stars and entrepreneurs.

Grant Hill, Myla Grace’s father, has over $250 million net worth. The basketball star played for 18 seasons and has continued to hold the title of one of the highest-paid players of all time.

According to Net Worth Post, Grant Hill received a salary of $140 million and an estimated $120 million in endorsements, boosting his net worth. Moreover, after he retired from the NBA, he ventured into business, acquiring a stake in the Atlanta Hawks.

Due to Hill’s Stake in Atlanta Hawks, he oversees the club’s operations as the Vice Chair of the Board. Moreover, due to his role as Vice Chair of the Board, he also earns some dollars from the role.