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Sofia Elena Schlesinger’s Net Worth, Family, Career and Boyfriend

Sofia Elena Schlesinger is the youngest daughter of the famed judge Marilyn Milian and her husband, John Schlesinger. Sofia was fortunate to be born into a family that majored in law, shaping her life.

Born in 2001, Sofia is the youngest in a family of three children. Besides Sofia’s parents being in the limelight for their careers, the beautiful young lady has been getting a following on social media due to her love for singing.

Sofia paired with her sisters, who started growing an audience with their lovable voices. Besides the young talent, she has volunteered to teach young children to sing, helping her to boost things she loves doing the most!

Sofia Elena Schlesinger’s Bio

Sofia was born in 2001 in a family of three children. Her other sisters, Alexandra and Christina Schlesinger, have shared a strong bond, which has led them to beautiful collaborations.

The upcoming singer’s early life remains unknown, but according to her LinkedIn account, she attended Ransom Everglades School before she joined Georgetown University for her higher studies.

Sofia majored in Psychology and had a minor course in Women and Gender Studies. To further reinforce her studies, the young lady has had significant internship opportunities that have shaped her career.

Elena had her first work experience as a retail sales associate, but since then, she has had other roles in criminal-related fields. Her latest experience was as an intern in the Criminal Division of Miami-Dade County, Florida.

From Sofia’s work experience, the young lady may be in a field that deals with law. Sofia’s career remains a misery, but one thing for sure is that her love for music is not dying soon.

Moreover, Sofia’s love for music and writing is one of the driving forces that made the young lady volunteer as a lead singer and mentor for children. Due to her passion for music, she co-founded Avalanche, a group for young musicians, which has continued to use to empower many young people.

Is Sofia Elena Schlesinger Married?

Sofia is a secretive lady when it comes to her matters. The lady was born in 2001, and considering her young age, she is likely not yet into a marriage. Moreover, it remains unknown if the young lady is dating.

Sofia Elena Schlesinger’s Parents

Sofia’s parents are recognized figures who have made notable contributions to the criminal law sector. John Schlesinger is Sofia’s father. John is a famed former US attorney who served at the 11th Judicial Circuit Court for Miami-Dade County.

While Sofia’s father has had a successful career as a law personnel, her mother has also served for many years, even becoming the first Hispanic lady to hold the position of a Hispanic Judge in a television court.

Sofia’s mother undertook the role of a judge for many years before she retired in 2020. It is probably Sofia’s mother’s many years in the limelight as a judge who has brought her to the limelight.

Sofia’s Net Worth

Sofia is a young lady who is only tuning her career. Considering that she has not been out of school for many years, this is the time she is building her net worth. On the other hand, her mother has a net worth of $18 million.