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Ying Wiens Biography, Family, Career, and Net Worth

Some people like Ying Wiens are lucky to share the same hobbies with their husbands. Ying is a chef but she is widely known for her love for food that couples with her husband’s interest in food and being a food blogger. Ying’s popularity is linked to being the wife of Mark Wiens, a globally known YouTuber and food blogger. Together with her husband, Ying enjoys all things food, and they take time touring the world to taste different foods.

Ying Wiens’ Biography

Ying Wiens’ birth date is not openly shared, but it is believed to be in the late 1980s. Her husband is older, with a gap of about two to three years. Although we don’t have the birth date, Ying was born in Krabi, Thailand.

She is of Thai nationality and has an Asian ethnicity. Ying isn’t shy about her love for food, and it’s the key interest that bounded her with her husband when they met in Thailand. Their shared interest in eating and exploring different foods quickly brought the chemistry between them and later turned into marriage after two years of dating.

Unlike her husband, who takes all the limelight, Ying has refrained from sharing many details about her. Ying is by her husband’s side on their tours and plays the role of the camera guy. However, she prefers staying behind the camera to be part of the growth without exposing herself.

Details about Ying’s education and childhood are yet to be discovered, and once we have them, we will share them with you.

Career and Net Worth

According to Ying’s husband, Ying Wiens is the best chef that Mark Wiens has met. He talked about how she cooks the best dishes Talking about her career, Ying is a chef and she tours countries with her husband to help shoot the videos.

Ying’s net worth is unknown, but since she works with her husband, they enjoy the benefits of their online presence, where they blog about food and travel. Her husband’s net worth is over $3 million, and his YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers.

Ying and her husband live in Thailand but spend most of their time touring different countries to enjoy different dishes while capturing the experience to share with their fans. Their wealth is adequate to sustain their needs and wants.

Ying’s Family

Ying Wiens is a wife and mother. She is the wife of Mark Wiens, and the couple has a son. Their son, Micah Tharachat, was born on November 12, 2016.

Ying’s husband is Mark Wiens. Her husband is a famous travel and food blogger. Mark Wiens tours the world with his wife, sharing episodes about different locations and the food that he finds and eats. Mark and his wife enjoy eating, and their love for food and exploring different dishes is what bound them in Thailand.

Mark Wiens initially taught English in Thailand before quitting after a year to focus on working on his passion for food and travel. Mark is also the author of a book sharing insights into Thai food.